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Paint your Life

Life is your Canvas

Stand out in a world of clones.


So many times I shoot in monochrome, that I forget how much pigment there is in life. I believe wholeheartedly that through our own perceptions, we create our personal realities, so artistically when I feel I'm painting myself in a corner in such a way, I need to step out of what has become my "norm."

The fact that I dislike cloning my past work over and over, I seem to attract adventurous clients, that want to personalize their visions, rather than mimic. I seem to work best with those that are open to new ideas based on what they had already dreamt.

The best way to achieve what the client is wishing to achieve is simply listening and learning their personality, before I start painting the picture in my head.

"Artists, musicians, scientists - if you have any kind of visionary aptitude, it's often something that you don't have a choice in. You have to do it." - Patti Smith

Create your vision, Create your Reality

For me, I have found that approaching photography in such a manner has created limitless possibilities in the creating process. I have taken many pictures only to realize the art that can be created after looking at it multiple times but from different perspectives.

Pablo Picasso is a hero of mine as he was always reinventing his art and the way he approached his subjects. He truly lived as someone who could look at an image while stripping away the pieces to create a new reality within.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”― Pablo Picasso

Let you, Be You

I'm inspired by people that live the life that they choose, rather than pretend to be something that they are not. I get excited when someone approaches me with an idea, and I'm able to capture their personalities rather than capture a pose.

A simple off glance, a smirk, or a smile doesn't matter so long as someone's personality is captured, as that is the difference between a picture and a work of art.

Live Your Life, Follow Your Dreams

Be the Real You


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