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New Site; New Blog

I'm super excited about getting a new site together and all new interactive blog and galleries for my clients to share with the world. All sorts of new projects in the coming year. #FACES series with continue to bring focus on mental illness as I plan to have another shoot scheduled in coming months. Also been working on a Halloween concept titled "CrimSin" with Minneapolis makeup artist Nicole Borgen

Actor Julie McCarthy ;Makeup Artis Nicole Borgen

Have a few weddings coming up with some amazingly artistic people that I can not wait to share!

Will also be working on a tribute to artists of the past and present! Thanks again for being part of this artistic journey! Have an idea or concept you would like to work on, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Actor Abby Furry Tribute to Nagel

Minnesota Makeup Artist Nancy Hang @Nancyhangofficial


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